Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Unfussy Strawberry Rhubarb Galette ...

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My mom, when summer rolls around, always tells me about how much she loved rhubarb when she was a kid. Her neighbors grew it in the backyard, and she would always sneak over to their house, cut herself a few stalks, clean them (she also always warns me that the leaves are poisonous), and then cook them with sugar. I was thinking of her this past Thursday when I picked up a few stalks for myself from the Farmer's Market. Warning: Do not take a bite of them raw, just to see what they taste like. They taste awful.

I wanted to get a little more highfallutin' than my mom's version cooked up with sugar (also, after tasting those little buggers raw, I figured they needed some serious help in the strawberry department;)).  Here's what I made, adapted from a recipe for Peach Raspberry Galette in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living.

The Dough
2 sticks cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces (I used the equivalent of fresh butter from my local dairy market and think the results were better)
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon of course salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 cup ice water
  1. Lay roughly three quarters of butter on a parchment-lined baking sheet and freeze until hard, at least 30 minutes. Meanwhile, refrigerate remaining butter.
  2. Combine flour, salt, and sugar in food processor. Add refrigerated butter and pulse to combine, about 10 times. Add frozen butter and pulse until mixture resembles coarse meal with some blueberry-sized clumps. 
  3. Add ice water and immediately pulse until just incorporated, about 10 times more. Squeeze a small amount of dough to make sure it holds together. Pulse a few more times, if necessary.
  4. Empty dough onto a piece of floured parchment paper. Bring edges together to gather dough, pressing it so it comes together into a mass. Form dough into a disk and wrap in plastic. Press dough into a flat disk, about 1/2 inch think. I refrigerated mine for about an hour before I started work on the galette itself to give the dough time to set. 

The Galette
If you read my post yesterday (about my Celebrity Chef Crushes), you'll know that one thing I dislike about Martha Stewart is her fussiness. Here's my unfussy version of her super-fussy recipe (see this past month's magazine p. 119). 
  1. Preheat oven to 425. Chop two rhubarb stalks into small chunks, and quarter one small package of strawberries and place in a medium-sized bowl. 
  2. Add about a 1/2 cup of sugar to the berries and rhubarb and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. I also add a dash of cinnamon, clove, and salt. Mix to combine and set aside.  
  3. On the floured parchment you wrapped the galette in, roll out the dough into a fairly large circle (the dough should be about 1/4 inch thickness when you are done). I also use a marble rolling pin that I cool under cold water before I start to keep the dough cold. 
  4. Transfer the dough on the parchment paper to a rimmed baking sheet and pour the berries into the center of the dough. Fold up the edges of the dough to partially cover the fruit and pinch together loose edges. 
  5. Beat one egg and brush the top of the dough with the egg wash. 
  6. Bake galette for 30 minutes at 425. Turn the heat down to 375 and bake another 10-15 minutes. I also had to turn my heat down to 325 and bake another 10 minutes to keep the galette from burning. You really have to watch your oven here. 
Enjoy! The feasts of summer are upon us! Don't blame me for ruining your diet though. Rhubarb has fiber in it. Just overlook the two sticks of butter;). ~Alice

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