Thursday, May 23, 2013

On the Nightstand (and in the car, on the end table, etc. etc.)...

I'm one of those readers, anymore, who is reading one book, but cheats on said book with about four or five others on the side. I used to be a monogamous reader, sticking to one book faithfully through and through, even if it was a slow starter (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was like this for me; I found the beginning of that book incredibly boring). In fact, I used to get very annoyed with people who would read more than one book at a time. I always thought, "How can they keep them all straight in their imagination?" Nowadays, I have a book on the nightstand, one in the car to read while I'm waiting at the bus stop, three on the end table next to my reading chair (which one I pick up depends on my mood). It's like a bad episode of Sister Wives.

Here are the books that are currently in rotation:

On the End Table #1: I just started this book last night, after finding it at Goodwill (actually, all of the books I'm reading I found at Goodwill - paperbacks $0.99; hardbacks $1.99).  I'm always a sucker for packaging, and the cover of this book was so lovely I couldn't resist it. I had to open its pages and dive in. So far, so good. I always love a mystery steeped in history.
On the End Table #2: I'm fascinated by Warhol's ability to seem both esoteric and simple-minded at the very same time. As this book demonstrates, his responses to interviewers' questions were often banal, but so banal, they seemed genius, ground-breaking. A thorough, but fun read. Plus, I have to be in the mood for Warhol; he's like a very strong martini. 
On the End Table #3: My reaction to this book: "meh." I started it over a month ago, and I am having a really hard time getting into it. Like, I often want to tell this book, "I have a headache." Now that I started it, however, I feel obligated to finish. I know many, many people have loved it, but I can't get past the creep factor of the naked dude hanging around the childhood version of his wife. I did love Niffenegger's book Her Fearful Symmetry, however, even though I found it completely frustrating. 
In the Car: Via (Hey, it's in the car). I also just started this book, which I find pretty damn funny so far. I appreciate the snarkiness of the narrator and the cultural critique being offered up on the rich beyond rich.  Probably because I'm not, nor will I ever be one of them. 
On the Nightstand: Last, but most definitely not least, this book. When I saw it on the shelves at Goodwill a few weeks ago, I almost squealed with glee. I read it for the first time when I was 8, and then subsequently read it twice more because I thought it was so funny. I remember finding it in an end table at my friend's house where I spent a good part of the summer, watching West Side Story about 900 times. I was the kind of kid who would read anything that was laying around, even if it was entirely inappropriate. I still chuckle at the book today, and, now, I totally get where Erma was coming from. 
OK. That's it for now. I think. Oh, one more thing, how stinking cute is this picture? Snow cones = happiness (at any age, I enjoyed the hell out of a Red Raspberry one myself).

~ Alice (AKA jess)

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