Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's ba-ack ... (Thank you, Herbal Essences) ...

I was beyond ecstatic to find, during my excursion to Tar-jay yesterday, the original blend of Herbal Essences back on the shelves. Yes, yes, I know - there have been about 900 other formulas produced by the Herbal Essences brand available for the last several years. They just don't compare. 

This shampoo smells delicious. It takes me back to when I was seventeen, when I had just met my husband, when I could take hours to get ready to go to a party, when I used honeysuckle body wash and life was sweet and carefree. Now, if Bath and Body Works would just bring back Lavender Flowers, I would be one happy camper. ~Alice

*Disclaimer: Herbal Essences has no idea who I am. Honest. 
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