Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Tourist in My Own City: Stripping

You naughty readers. Not that kind of stripping. 

Pittsburgh has an amazing Market District known as the Strip, a place I had, shamefully, not visited until yesterday. I had been told by numerous people that the best time to go to the Strip is on Saturday mornings, when all of the vendors encroach upon the street with their wares. Since I always worked Saturday mornings, we never went. No more.

Let me take you on our walking tour (I'm sure we missed a lot, but hey, it was our first time).

Our first stop was the Pittsburgh Public Market, which will be moving into a new location in the near future
 - beer tastings, wine, and OMG, look at all that Olive Oil. Everyone was hungry and bordering on cranky, however, so we didn't linger here. Instead, we headed off to Roland's Seafood for some eats. 
A very long draft beer list, crab cakes, and a wood-fired pizza put us all in a better mood at Roland's. It's not the best restaurant I've ever been to, but it has great outdoor seating for people-watching and catching the breeze. The pizza was pretty yummy too. 
From there, it was on to Penn Mac, another Pittsburgh institution. The selection of cheeses, spices, and olive oil is pretty extensive. They sell olives in 5 gallon buckets for chrissakes.  The bravado of the dudes working behind the cheese counter is also pretty amusing. 
The hubs stocking up on olive oil. You can also buy it by the three-gallon jug, in case you like to guzzle the stuff. Our visit was topped off by an elderly lady who told us that our kids were lovely, and then said, "We had seven kids. We could never figure that calendar bullshit out right." I laughed really hard at that one.  
The next stop was La Prima Espresso Italiano. Let's just say that the Mocha here was tremendously better than the Mocha at Starbucks. And, I love how everyone stands around Italian style. The pastries also looked delicious, but I was fairly stuffed still from lunch.
All in all, we had a great day. A smorgasbord of new sights, sounds, tastes, art, and music. We'll be going back for more. Especially another mocha. ~Alice
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