Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Tea Party: Mad Hatter Style

I truly hope that you had a happy Mother's Day. Here, in Wonderland, we had a Tea Party. With wine. It was lovely. Two things I want to share. First, the wild table we set.

Second, my "Smother's Day" cards. Soph drew hers on the dry-erase board with non-erasable marker. So there's that. As for Mags, I knew I was unique, but her card takes the cake LOL. Furthermore, on the other side, she listed the things she would do for me today, including "Make your bed," "Do the Dishes," and "Fill up your Glass." Now, I'm sure her teachers must think I drink like a fish on the homefront, forcing my eight-year-old to be my bartender. Sigh;).

Happy Mother's Day! ~Alice

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