Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Under the Influence ... of Mint

The color mint is everywhere these days. And I am a huge sucker for it. It seems so fresh, on point, perfect for the oncoming season. So, when I came across a can of spray paint at Big Lots for $3.20, I thought, I want it ... and I know exactly where I can use it.

On that note, I am introducing my two new divas of the kitchen. My newly minted kitchen stool and my rock-star chick, Sophia. They both make me smile.

Took about 20 minutes in all, to sand and spray paint.  The original color was typical, plain-old oak.  
Soph rocking out her song, with lyrics as follows: "I'm singing on my microphoooone; umizoomi; scoochies; chocolate;  miiiiilllllkkkkk." I think she must have been singing about her favorite things LOL. 
Happy Tuesday!! ~Alice

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