Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This Old House (Part I: The Foliage)

One of the joys of being in this old/new house this Spring is watching the ground wake up around my feet. When we moved in in August, the beds were rather over-run with weeds, overgrown pine trees, unkempt perrenials. You really couldn't tell what was there. My mother and I spilled blood, sweat, and tears (yes, all three - no joke) clearing out the mess.
Before pics. It was a serious crime to hide those beautiful Japanese maples behind those half-dead pines. Just sayin'.
I wielded a hacksaw to get rid of them. 
My mountain woman look. In overalls I've owned since 1995.

The little sleepers we tried so hard to reawaken are nosing up into the air. And I am delighted.

Ok, so I planted these. Who's counting;)? The giant concrete urns that were left here had to be filled;). 
The beginnings of what I hope will be one giant butterfly bush.
Rows upon rows of Daffodils. 
The tulips finally decided to come up. Yay:)!!
Here they are:). 
My favorite Spring plant. Because when it blooms, I know Spring is truly here.
More early bloomers in the back.
These colors!!

And how could I leave out Mr. Owl, whom the Dude brought home last weekend. He's keeping an eye on things. 
Last, but not least, I had to share with you my magazine addiction. It's officially out of hand. Much love. ~Alice

This is my to-be-read pile. Ridiculous. 
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