Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Sneak Peeks

Today is a delicious day. We don't have to be anywhere. We can let the day take us where it may. I do have a little plan though, since I wouldn't be Type-A me if I didn't;). We're heading out thrift-shopping. And I have more than $20 in my pocket. Hopefully, I'll have some good stuff to share next week.

Here's what else I'm planning to share next week.

Speculations on why customizing my iPhone has brought me such ridiculous pleasure. 
Making the cutest possible use of some wasted space in the kitchen. The semester is winding down, so it's time to DIY again. 
The Joy of Living. 
Also, don't forget the Wonderland Hop, which goes live Monday night. Be sure to stop by to see if you were featured and link up your latest:)!

Have a happy weekend, friends. See you next week:)!! ~Alice
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