Monday, April 8, 2013

My Thoughts on the Exclamation Point (and the Value of Silence) ...

Our culture, anymore, is an exclamatory one. OMG! LOL! LMAO! LMFAO!

The exclamation point, nonetheless, makes me a tad uncomfortable. Perhaps because when I make the most use of it, I am usually uncomfortable. In a situation where I feel like I have to put on a bigger version of myself (like a little kid wearing his dad's suit). I tend to be an extrovert anyway, but sometimes I find wearing myself in certain situations like wearing a caricature, a picture of a person with a humongous head and very large mouth. Looking rather ridiculous.

The last year or so I have learned to value the power of understatement. Of the whisper instead of the scream. Talking louder often produces the opposite result of what you want. Other people just talk louder to talk over you. Often, lowering our voices when we want others to take notice is more effective. Think of your mom or one of your really good friends telling a really good ghost story. They always speak in their quietest voice before the whole shebang goes up in flames.

I feel like we have to grow into silence. We have to learn that the quiet is sometimes just as important as the sound. ~Alice

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