Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cleaning the Playroom (Otherwise Known as Entering the Seventh Layer of Hell)...

No matter how much I try to organize the kids' playroom, it always ends up looking like the wolves came out of the walls. I'm pretty sure that these two had some kind of rocking party the night before I decided a complete clean-out was necessary (they look pretty guilty). The only way I can tackle a terrible task of this sort is to start in one corner of the room, finding one very small inlet into the catastrophe, and just. dig. in. To be perfectly honest, the whole ordeal only took about three hours.

"What mess, Mom? We have no idea what you're talking about."
"Oh, you mean that overturned chair and the s#$! all over the floor? You really shouldn't say bad words, Mom."
The Before Before: Just to give you some perspective, this is where we started with the playroom when we bought the house - old carpeting (shocker), paneling, outdated furniture and lighting. We ripped out the carpeting and laid new laminate tile, painted the paneling and ceiling, and hung new light fixtures.

It was, however, one swinging old man cave. 
The After After: Here's where we are today. It's still clean. Promise;).

This is the kitchen table that I grew up eating at when I was a kid (I inherited it as part of my parents' divorce). Here, the girls play with their play-dough, paint, draw, and generally have fun. The chairs are my grandmother's kitchen chairs, which she got as a wedding gift.  Having these objects remain a part of my daily life brings me a great deal of joy.
This storage unit was actually made for me by my grandfather when I was a little girl. A new coat of paint and some bins from Ikea, and it makes a perfect storage unit for the girls' toys. 
The girls love this art wall, and change out their paintings when they make something they are really proud of. 
I believe in having books at the ready. Ready for little hands to grab and explore. 
I found the Chinese Lanterns at Target on sale after the Back-to-College rush for $1 a piece - with the hardware included!! They give off a beautiful light in the evening. My mom made the curtains out of the most adorable fabric around (see below).

My Princess enjoying her newfound dress-up clothes - cleaning out the playroom always seems to trick the kids into believing that they just discovered a landslide of new toys. 
Happy Thursday!! ~Alice

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