Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Chocolate Cake Filled with Heaven ...

This. is. the. best. cake. ever. Period. When my daughter and I traveled to D.C., we stumbled upon the French eatery Bistrot du Coin, a dingy, delicious little spot in the Dupont Circle region of the city. Now, I love chocolate cake. And I've had some good ones. I'm especially partial to flourless chocolate cakes, so rich and decadent that the mere thought of them makes my mouth water. But this dessert, titled Fondant au Chocolat Semi Amer, took the cake. And then some. My sneaky little daughter ended up eating more of my dessert than her own (a Chocolat Liegois). Desserts in French sound so much better, yes? 

I don't pretend to be a baker. I actually really dislike baking because I find it messy and my results are usually less than stellar. But, this cake, I am either going to try to replicate ... or at least buy something that will transport my tastebuds back to my little Parisian cake love affair. 

I did find the lovely looking recipe featured below at Eugenie Kitchen (she has lots of really yummy looking recipes, and has an entire youtube channel devoted to her cooking demonstrations).  A word of advice: If it's late at night, and you decide to click on the link above, prepare to be hungry;). 

Via Eugenie Kitchen
Until tomorrow! Thank GOD it will be Friday:)! ~Alice

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