Friday, March 8, 2013

You better werrkkkk...

So, I promised at the beginning of the week that I would do something to my office. I have. Really, I have. Step inside (take a peak back at said promise from last Saturday, in Spring Break Projects).

The first thing you see, before you even step through the door, is this wall.

The idea for the "Shhh..." print came from the last issue of Country Living (why, oh why, does it only come every other month???
Seriously, folks, more, more ... more!!).
And since I often don't really want to work when I step into my office to grade papers,
I figured I would give myself some sound advice. 
Here's where the magic happens (or, usually, where I sit staring out of the window trying to think of what to write).
I love this painting so, titled "Winter Wonderland," that I found at the local Goodwill for $9.99.
I often imagine myself walking along that stream into the deepening woods. 

I love, love, love these coasters, made from the pages of old books,
which I bought from a friend of mine at the yearly Rock 'n Roll Craft Show.
If you live near St. Louis, check it out. Such an awesome event!!!
Onto the bookshelves. Since there is very limited space in the office, I decided to house on this single set of bookshelves only my favorite books, the ones that have made the most impact on my imagination.

I also couldn't resist adding my glitter skeleton.
I bought him at Target in the Dollar Spot one Halloween
and he's traveled around with me from house to house to house.
My sister-in-law bought me this hourglass.
When I really don't want to do something,
I turn over the glass and promise myself that I will
work on it for at least that long. I trick myself, but it often works. 
Another Spring Break project (again, from Country Living). So easy to make!!
Print images of vintage lightbulbs on vellum and tape them onto battery-operated candles. Voila!! 
The last picture of my office reveals a lot about my personality, the people and types of books I love, and my current work, even if it may just look like a stack of books.

From the top down, I'm currently working on Edward Gorey, King's  The Shining is my favorite novel ever (even if it does give me nightmares), I identify closely with the heroines in these fairy tales and the Alice books, my mom read me Silverstein A LOT when I was a kid (and I really want to know what happens when the sidewalk ends). The last book perhaps means the most. I sent it to my brother when he was on tour in Iraq with the Army, and he carried this book with him (hence the green tape and its rugged edges). Both he and it came back. 
This weekend, we are off with our dancing daughters for another competition (yes, I admit, I am a dance mom - and I LOVE IT:)!!). Until Monday!! ~Alice

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