Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring, please spring (and the Mood-altering Powers of the Birchbox) ...

"More snow in March? Perfect." Said no one in Southwestern Pennsylvania ever.

My morning commute started off in the midst of a giant snow squall, the whiteout conditions making it very hard to check my Twitter feed as I coasted down Green Tree Hill.  The entire morning, I felt as though I were moving in a giant, dark snowglobe.

By late afternoon, however, the day is looking up. The sun is out. The bulbs are visible on the dogwoods. The snowdrops and crocuses (croci? whatever) are shooting up out of the tough earth, softening it for the summer blooms to come. They "taste the spring."

Bulbs plump with promise...
A path of snowdrops leading the way out of winter...
Last, but not least, my Birchbox came. I have to admit that I have been underwhelmed by the last few Birchboxes I've received. But this one is a winner (they must have read all the complaining about the hair ties;)). I first read about Birchbox at The Small Things Blog, and it seemed like a fun pick-me-up for days like today (I still think they send her better stuff than us average Janes, since they know she will be reviewing it on her blog, but c'est la vie - I just wish I was her;)). Here are a few of the things I can't wait to try.

Ah, the contradictions of Spring. One minute you're happy, one minute you're sad; one second it's sunny, the next, it's dark. You're either a lion or a lamb. (Did I mention it's snowing again? I'm not joking. It took me about half an hour to write up this post, and in that amount of time, I'm back in the snowglobe. Perfect).  ~Alice
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