Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Break Projects: Wall Art for Book-Lovers and Painting the Stairs

Yesterday, at exactly 12:52 PM, I started my Spring Break. I'm pretty damn sure I look forward to Spring Break more than my college students. While they are off gallivanting around some beach or sleeping the days away on their parents' couch, however, I will be trying to catch up on some projects around the house (and grading their papers and mid-term exams. What fun). I have three particular projects in mind: painting the stair-risers in the entryway, decorating my home office, and doing something with the godforsaken upstairs bathroom. These three spaces have been pretty much ignored after the preliminary work of fixing cracks, sanding walls, sanding floors, painting, etc. In short, they haven't been designed ... at ALL. First of all, some before pictures.

The entry hall stairs.

The side wall in my home office. The main reason that it looks so barren is that we had to wait to move anything into the office until the floors were done. The floors are now refinished. Hence, the office needs to be tricked out. 
One of my favorite reading chairs. It reminds me of an old chair that my grandmother had in her house that everyone loved to sit on. 
My sad little Target bookshelf that is only holding  the books I absolutely need for my current research. I have about 55 banker's boxes of books in the attic and the garage, and I have no idea what to do with them right now. 
The ugliest bathroom ever. Ever. Peach ceramic tile accented with burgundy waves (because the good lord knows that waves should be portrayed in this hue). BTW everything is currently on the sink because we just had to have a plumber come out to fix a leak. And yes, the sink is MAUVE - that color so adored by Joan Collins wannabes throughout the 1980s - which doesn't match ANYTHING else in the bathroom. 
So, here are my ideas, my inspiration board if you will.

For the stairs:

I saw these two ideas on Facebook, but I don't think I have the patience for this right now. For the future. So, instead, I think I will paint the risers the same color as my living room and dining room walls (a rich, brown-gray tone, "Lyndhurst Gallery Beige"), which flank the entryway. Something along these lines.

For the office, the bookshelf and the walls need the most attention. Some of my favorite ideas, all from the last month's Country Living magazine, with which I am obsessed:

Photo-coped pages of favorite books framed and hung. 
Old flash cards used to frame a doorway. Thinking of doing this on the back and side of the {cheap-ass} bookshelf.
"Shhh...." Print: Incorporating this along with the photocopied book pages. 
New DIY candles, which I'm hoping will also electrify
my brain for the book project coming up. 
As for the bathroom, I am at a complete and utter loss as to how to make it look good without ripping out the sink. If you have any ideas, fill me in. I'm all ears. This is what I wish it looked like, which is an impossibility.

Wish me luck. I sure as hell am going to need it. ~Alice

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