Wednesday, March 6, 2013

{Progress Update 2}: Entry Hall/Stairs

The entry hall and stairs are as done as they are going to get this week. I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out. Before we begin, I have to admit that my house is rather beige, black, and white. I think this is because everything else in my life is so hectic and colorful, I want my house to feel calm. When I walk in the door, I want to feel at ease. The only room in the entire house that is truly colorful is the kitchen, and this is mainly because the countertops were turquoise and I had to roll with the punches (see Monday's post).

So, here's where we are.

The front hall stairs (Before).
The front hall stairs (After). 

My youngest daughter loves to count when she is going up and down the stairs. So, when I saw on Pinterest where someone had put numbers on the stairs, I knew I had to do it. The image I saw, however, had larger black numbers and I thought this would be too intrusive. I found these smaller silver numbers in Joanne Fabrics in the Scrapbooking section and adhered them with wall-mounting putty. 
The photographs lining the stairs are all framed in these cheap black frames from Ikea (I picked them up yesterday for about $2.99 a piece). 
There were certain images that I knew I wanted to frame that I had picked long ago. Others,  I found while digging around online. I printed each on vellum to give it a richer look and then backed the copies with regular paper. 
I really, really, really like skeleton keys.
Thank God for Command strips. Our walls are thick, thick plaster, original to the house, and trying to drive a nail in the wall is nearly impossible. 
This piece was left in the house when we moved in. It was an ugly, brown stand made of composite wood. Some black spray paint, my old Poe volumes and the Bibles my Dad found in the wall of a house he was renovating, and it felt like home. My mom found the mirror at Goodwill for $5. A little spray paint did the trick here as well. 

These two pieces have a lot of meaning to me as well. The coat tree was made by my grandfather from an old tree that was cut down behind his house. The bear was carved by my dad (with a chainsaw, yes, he's a chainsaw carver:) - see his site T&L Carvings) from a 30-foot pine that had to be cut down outside of our new house. The two fit together, I think. 
I'm still searching for the perfect little piece for this spot. I have an old trunk that  would fit perfectly here, but my husband is currently using it as a stand for his TV. Hmmmm.....
One more, because I love these so much. I like to hang up weird things on the walls. Here we have a drying rack and a rug beater. I like the architectural look of both pieces:).  Why not?
 So, on to the office. I'm feeling inspired. Until tomorrow!! ~Alice

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