Monday, March 4, 2013

{Progress Update 1}: Slow and steady wins the race...

Work has gotten underway here in Wonderland, and while I don't have any major reveals just yet, I thought I would share how I'm getting along. So far, I've painted the stairs, painted trim in my kitchen, hung a few pictures here and there, and just generally gotten my feet wet.

Please note the wine glass is conspicuously emptier in the second picture. Hey, it was 11:00 at night.
This is my version of taking part in the Paint and Sip movement. 
Painted the trim/baseboards. See below for the "Before" picture of our kitchen this past August. 
Zoiks. That is one hell of a mess. I had almost forgotten how bad the experience of
stripping three layers of wallpaper - off of cabinets AND the walls - actually was.
The "print" on the left was inspired by last month's Country Living (see Saturday's post). The "print" on the right is one of many of this ilk that you can find online. Unfortunately, I'm too poor to buy real art right now. This will have to suffice.  
I also found time to take a walk with the kiddos (well, really it was a trip to the bus stop; who's counting?). 

Future Olson twin. #grannychic

Until tomorrow. The shadows have grown very, very long. ~Alice
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