Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pass the Paschka, Peeps...

If I am being perfectly honest, Easter is not my favorite holiday. I do appreciate the foods and traditions the holiday is steeped in, but I just can't get excited about its asceticism. Christmas is more my style, with the warm coziness of fires in the hearth, the beauty of the Christmas tree, the fun of buying presents and watching your children's eyes light up while they unwrap their treasures. Easter seems to me yet another of those holidays in which I lament the loss of times past. When my grandmother would conscientiously ready her Easter basket, filled with things like bread, salt, butter, to take to the church for it to be blessed. I miss her capable hands most of all, which seemed to flutter as she worked, cutting noodles, kneading bread, making so much from scratch that she had worn a trough in her countertop and cutting board.

One thing that I do love about Easter (aside from the Hrudka, Cwikla, and Pascha, if you are of Eastern European descent, you know what I'm talking about;)) - the beautiful photographs of my kids I am somehow able to capture (trust me, I realize I'm no Anne Geddes). On Easter, my children always seem lit up from the inside like little Christmas bulbs, their beauty glowing through their skin in the fresh light of Spring. 

Last year's egg hunt. 
Picking dandelions, again in 2012. Proof that Spring is waaay behind this year.
Running in the sunshine. Finally!! #thisyearislazy
Our little Easter bunny. At least the ears were upright here. Later, she tilted them backward to be aerodynamic. 
The day ended with a little water gun battle. Why not? (Check the bunny ears, btw lol). 
Happy Easter!! See you tomorrow! ~Alice
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