Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little set, little set of bookplates ...

After, oh, about seven months, my home office is finally back up and running. Little makes me happier than having a room of my own, a place to escape the noise of my family (trust me, it is noisy) and think, write, read.

The view from my room (or the source of much procrastination to come).
I seem to always pick offices that are at the peak of the house, in the treetops.
As I was unpacking some of my boxes, I came across these little gems, which I bought as a Christmas present for myself at Anthropologie last Christmas Eve.

Yes, The Da Vinci Code is at the bottom of the pile of treasured books I keep on my desk.
My brother carried this particular book around Iraq after I sent it to him there, hence the green Army tape.  
Bookplates seem like such a thing of the past, only meant for bibliophiles and dinosaurian librarians. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I love them so much. I am often attempting to rehabilitate the dilapidated.

From the library of... ~Alice
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