Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Year of Living Dangerously...

I believe in resolutions. I like the idea that every year on January 2nd (because I am still in full glutton mode on January 1st), I can wake up to a new world. A brave new world where I try to be a better person. One who doesn't stay up too late watching bad TV and drinking wine. One who doesn't procrastinate, eat unhealthy food, share too much on Facebook, gossip relentlessly ... and enjoy every last morsel of that bad behavior.

January is my puritanical month. I always try to drink my eight glasses of water, go to bed early, do all of my work ahead of time, you get the idea. For some, this means I become a rather boring person as the year spreads its wings. And this year, I think a change in lifestyle is even more important. As the years roll slowly forward, the days clicking relentlessly into place, I think it becomes harder and harder to change bad habits.

So here's to my year of living dangerously - of actually being a better person beyond the dog days of January. Goal #1: Take my vitamins. Geesh, I sound geriatric. ~Alice

You know you love my 8th-grade-style notebook.

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