Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Rats of Nimh (or Our Adventures Underground) ...

Our adventures underground continue today as our floors are sanded, stained, and refinished ... in the entire upstairs. This involved moving everything out of the top two floors of our house ... everything. Considering we just moved into the house in August and lived for a month in the basement, it now seems incredibly stupid to me that we moved everything upstairs only to have to move it back out again. C'est la vie; you live and you learn.

Being underground again, I've been thinking about the Rats of Nimh (The Secret of NIMH). This book/film scared the bejesus out of me when I was a little kid. I really hated it. The rats with the glowing yellow eyes and the long tapering fingers were particularly terrifying. I don't really know why, then, I found this film so alarming. Worth a new view, yes? (NIMH stands for National Institutes of Mental Health, by the by, from which the rats, now possessing human intelligence, have escaped.)

I think I might like it as a grown-up. Good thing I'll have a lot of extra time on my hands sitting in the basement over the next few days. ~Alice
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