Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Go Google Yourself...

Admit it. At some point, you've looked yourself up on the internet. (If you haven't, you should; you never know what kind of crazy stuff is going to pop up). My non-Alice online profile tends to be rather boring, to be perfectly honest. My university page, Facebook and twitter accounts, etc. pop up, along with my "ratemyprofessors" profile (a thoroughly cringe-worthy experience, if you want to try it, is reading about yourself through the eyes of your students). But I also have an alter-ego, a doppelganger, a double.

My double is also a blogger (she runs a blog called Tiptoe with Little Hooves). She also has bangs. She's into the Gothic/macabre. And she's a damn fine artist.

"Winter's Owl" Via "The Art of Jessica McCourt"
I've always been interested in the theme of the Doppelganger. The idea that there could be another person walking around in the world as a "paranormal double of a living person" (Thanks, wikipedia). I wonder if she's ever looked herself up and found me staring back at her, like we are living on two sides of the looking-glass, experiencing alternate realities that quiver in their reflection of one another.

Either way, check out her blog. Her stuff is really cool. ~Alice (you always knew that wasn't my real name, right;?)

"Sophie" Via "The Art of Jessica McCourt"

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