Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bad Mommy ... [AHS Review]

Lana Banana. I'm glad you were the last woman standing. I'm glad you were a survivor, even if that meant killing your only son in order to save yourself and the world from his menace. I'm glad you weren't a weakling. What I'm not happy about is the lasting message of your story arc that puts women back in their place, that suggests if a raped woman (one raped by a serial killer, no less) does not choose to raise the product of that violence with loving arms she is a bad mommy, a failure to humanity ... unnatural. Furthermore, if you are a "nosy," ambitious woman, you get what you deserve. Be prepared, Lana Banana. If you look into the face of evil, it will look back.

For a supposedly avant-garde show, American Horror, this season you were rather preachy. And a great equivocator, talking out of both sides of your mouth. On one hand, you have old Judy giving little alien girl the advice that she can be anything she wants (because it's 1971 now, you know). On the other, you have Lana telling Johnny, "It's not your fault you're a crazed psychopathic Daddy's boy; it's mine." Superb acting, yes, but a disappointment when it comes to pushing the boundaries. Just like many a horror film that kills off those pesky teenagers for getting a little out of control, American Horror has mainly been interested in maintaining the status quo (think of the season-ending shot last year with the ghostly family surrounding the Christmas tree, the nuclear family saved by the mayhem of the Murder House).

I'll be back next season. And I hope some of the great actors in this season's offering will be as well. But can we please tread some new ground and cut the neo-conservative smarmy bs?

Oh, yeah, and what the frig was up with the aliens? I still don't get it. ~Alice
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