Monday, December 3, 2012

The Magic of Oz ...

On one of my regular trips to the local Goodwill (I am obsessed with bargain hunting/loving things that other people have discarded - it's a sickness), I picked up this book. I have since been infatuated with the cover art, done by John R. Neill.

Everything about this cover delights me - the font, the color scheme, the terrified monkey, Dorothy's shift.

Trying to think of a spot for these monkeys on one of my walls. Stay tuned.
Neill, known as the "Royal Illustrator of Oz," designed beautiful images that capture the clean, straight-edged, yet whimsical design aesthetic I so love about books from this period (this Scholastic edition is copyrighted 1919, though a much later paperback reproduction).

I haven't read the Oz books in a very long time, but I am thinking of picking them back up over the Winter break.  I especially want to get and watch again the film Return to Oz, which I remember so terrifying me in my childhood that I slept with my mother for a month (oy, those Wheelers).  Look for a future post.

I hope you all are "quite content and pass[ing] your days in innocent enjoyment." Yeah, not so much;). ~Alice

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