Thursday, December 6, 2012

Psycho-Santa ("Qu'est-ce que c'est ?") [AHS Review] ...

First things first, the beginning of last night's American Horror episode so terrified me that I considered taking down all of my Christmas decorations and deleting every single one of my online profiles (if you watched, you know why). Old men dressed up as Santa already made me a little nervous (see yesterday's blog post); AHS's psycho-Santa has ruined them forever.

On to my point. I realize the horror genre is not built on sunshine and rainbows. I'm not delusional. I just want some revenge here. A little swift vengeance. A few sinners in the hands of an angry God would be great. Where is God in Briarcliff? If the Devil is inside its walls, then God must also exist in the show's paradigm. Evil cannot always prevail.

I was reading an interview with Ryan Murphy this morning about last night's episode. Here's what he had to say:
I think many people have remarked about “Can we just have some hope this season? Can we just have some happiness?” Well you’re not gonna get it in the next two. But I think in the last four there’s a lot of optimism and a lot of revenge. 
All I can say is that in January this show had better bring it, and these female characters had better get some, well, "Christmas ornaments." I'm tired of all of the women either being possessed, killed, victimized, brutalized, or maimed. Enough is enough. ~A slightly pissed-off Alice
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