Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Christmas for the Books ...

An old, dear friend of mine posted this photo to my wall, suggesting that I give it a whirl.

Oh, how I love this tree; let me count the ways. Traditional Christmas lights straight out of my childhood; books twisted and turned at different angles; a whimsical approach on an old classic. I'll be constructing my own book-tree this weekend (let's see how long it takes before the two-year-old deconstructs it - her first essay in deconstruction hehehe). Pictures to come.

PS I am finally finishing The Happiness Project. Things I have learned: I am an "underbuying," over-critical, selfish woman - basically a shrew;). Ah, well. Cheers to my own brand of happiness. Seriously, though, a worthwhile read, if for nothing more than some personal insight.

Until next time. ~Alice
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