Sunday, October 7, 2012

To my firecrackers...

My daughters were born one week apart ... six years apart. And they could not possibly be two more unlike beings. The oldest: responsible, calm, gifted, sensitive. The youngest: risk-taking, quick-tempered (in every sense of the term), gifted, stubborn. At least they share one trait;). I love them both dearly.

This week, I've been thinking about two poems of mine, each written during the months after or before these creatures came into the world.

I figured I would share them with you today:

"Birth" (for M)

From a glorious nothingness
you came

Your birth
was my death
as I became a new life
when you passed from that world to

Both becoming
a new being.


"Heart" (for S)

Soft Sophia stalks my thougts.

My body a bulb,
waiting for the orchid within.

A heart, pregnant,
a new cell
divides from the old.

The heart, a radiant phoenix
Peach-pink, fruit-full, a pomegranate.

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