Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Asylum (Some thoughts on last night's premier) ...

Spoiler Alert: If you didn't yet watch the premier of American Horror Story 2, DO NOT read this. You will be sorry you did.

First things first. I didn't find this premier quite as terrifying as the last. Not as scary because more foreign/fantastic? Less realistic? For me, horror is much more terrifying when it comes home to roost, when it slinks up out of your basement, than when it drops down out of a spaceship or is confined to the wards of an insane asylum (the inside of which I hope not to see in this lifetime). Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying I didn't like the premier; I am saying that I was able to go to sleep after watching it without worrying what was in the shadows of my bedroom.

The Frankenstein Angle: Victor Frankenstein and his monsters are back again this season, in a new guise. This time, the good doctor is an ideologue of the worst sort, experimenting on his patients, trying to create, well, something. We're not yet sure what, but we came face to face with one of them at the end of the episode, and what we saw wasn't pretty. I do think the questions raised here about medical experimentation on unsuspecting, incapacitated mental patients are important ones. I've been reading a great deal about this kind of thing of late, and the Doctor's actions in AHS are unfortunately not as far-fetched as they might seem.

Mother Superior: I am absolutely fascinated by Jessica Lange's new role in this round. She is perhaps even more complex than her last incarnation; a woman who is devoted to God (and her monsignor, but in a whole other manner of speaking), but who also has a torture chamber of whips, canes, etc. She is a walking contradiction, a woman so enamored with her religious ideals that there is no end to her wrath. By the by, did anyone else note how she kept slipping into some kind of Jersey or New England-ish accent every time she became rattled or angered?

The Aliens Are Coming!!: Normally, I am not one for the alien/sci-fi schtick. But I am intrigued by the alien angle on this show. What the heck happened that night? What was going on in the surrounding areas that made "Bloody Face" the subject of a serial killer investigation? Is this a Shutter Island move or something more sincere? I want to find out.  

Star-Crossed Lovers: I found it interesting that many of the people "punished" in last night's episode were sexual transgressors: miscegenation, homosexuality, nymphomania, sexual experimentation (we knew as soon as Adam Levine's character strapped his girl into that chair that he was in trouble), depravity (if Tate's - oops, he's no longer Tate; that's going to happen alot - wife really was murdered at his hands) were the order of the day.  What do you make of this?

Finally, I think in the end all of these seasons will be connected somehow. I firmly believe that it's no mistake that Jessica Lange's character this time is a naughty nun on a mission and in the last series she was the grandmother of the antichrist. Also, -Frankenstein- seems to be a common theme between the two seasons.

Let's see where it goes next. More next week. ~Alice
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