Friday, October 26, 2012

November Graveyard...

I'm on the lam. I promise I will post about the latest American Horror Story soon, but I am currently at IU Bloomington for the Sylvia Plath Symposium, a wonderful celebration of her life and work, meeting interesting people and seeing some old friends.

Outside of the room where I gave my paper this morning, there is a graveyard. Yes. An old graveyard in the midst of a college campus.  Complete with tilted gravestones, a twisted tree carcass sinking slowly into the ground, a row of stacked stones to form a wall, a chapel. Apparently, this graveyard, Dunn Cemetery, is both historic and haunted. How appropriate. The gods smiled on me this morning. I had to share.
This cemetery immediately brought to mind a Plath poem that I have loved for many years, "November Graveyard."  Some lines:
Whatever lost ghosts flare,
Damned, howling in their shrouds across the moor

Rave on the leash of the starving mind
Which peoples the bare room, the blank, untenanted air.
 Until I return. ~Alice
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