Friday, September 28, 2012

For the Little Owlets...

This post must start with a warning. Beware: Target (or as we say it in my house Tar-jay, very French-like, a la Fancy Nancy) is addictive. It's like crack for bargain hunters.

You could buy the really cute owl-oriented bedding and accessories for your child's room at Pottery Barn, and spend about $400 on the whole ensemble. Or you could buy pretty much the same stuff at Target ... for about half the price.

For the older owlets, the Love n' Nature set, with items priced between $10 and $90.

 For the babes, the Zutanoblue Owl Brights set or the Bananafish Calico Owls set.

Zutanoblue bedding: Love the colors on this one!!

Bananafish: This is the set Miss Sophie is getting for her 2nd birthday.
For a quick change, these wall decals I bought for Sophie's room - only $14 a pop for several. I decorated two walls with what was included!

These owlies are a cheerful addition:). They make me smile.

Happy shopping!! Adieu. ~Alice

 **Images, except the last, from the Target website.
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