Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Villain within....

At the Magic of Disney Animation attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, you can take a little quiz that helps you figure out what Disney character you would be.  My mom took the quiz - she was Mrs. Potts. My daughter took the quiz - she was Belle. I took the quiz - I was Maleficent. Yes, Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil. This probably tells you something about me. Maybe I shouldn't have answered the question that asked "What would you like most for lunch?" with the answer "My guests." Hey, they offered (insert maniacal laugh here).

Today's Challenge, what are the top three words that come to mind when you think of Maleficent?
Comment below. Winner gets an honorable mention in tomorrow's blog.
I've always been drawn to the Disney Villains more than their sugar n' spice counterparts. There's Ursula, the hypersexual, big-bosomed, voice-stealer in The Little Mermaid. The heart-eating Evil Queen in Snow White. The Queen of Hearts and all her tarts in Alice in Wonderland. Cruella de Ville, who is willing to kill in the name of fashion. Not all of Disney's Villains are women (think Gaston, Captain Hook, the Shadow-Man), though I would argue a disproportionate number of them are (especially the ones who are most memorable). I'm guessing I'm not alone in this fascination. What is it about these characters that intrigue us?

Check out Ursula's profile at this really intriguing blog, Cautionary Women: Your Guide to the Most Evil Women in Entertainment, Literature, and Popular Culture.
One of the things I like most about these women is that not one of them is a shrinking violet (Ursula is a very LOUD purple ... hehehe). They are connivers, schemers, and manipulators, and they refuse to get less than what they think they are worth. They are outspoken, and, if they sing, they sing with conviction. They have motives, people. Those motives may be suspect, but at least they are beyond the pale, typically something besides marrying the most handsome man. Yes, most of them end up dying under unusual circumstances (they are impaled, fall off of really high precipices, or are impaled AND fall off of really high precipices).  But they make the stories interesting. Without them, we would have Aurora wandering around in the woods all day singing along with the creatures of the forest. How fun. I think I'd rather be Maleficent than Sleeping Beauty. Really, I do. Who wants to sleep for a hundred years and wake up to an arranged marriage?

To celebrate your villain within, I suggest MAC's Venomous Villains Collection.

Yes, I know this collection is no longer available at MAC counters, but you can still nab some of the products through other venues. I purchased the lip gloss "Hot House" (pictured above, the one with the Evil Queen from Snow White on the packaging) at a cosmetics outlet store in Washington a few weeks ago - and at a fraction of the cost of the original pricing. These cosmetics are also available at Ebay and other online outlets, but those offered here are a bit more costly.

Hot Topic also often has Disney Villain merchandise. I scored an Evil Queen keychain to match my lip gloss (on sale for $2.50; I love a deal!). Just leave your kids at home when you shop. If they are over the age of seven, they will probably be mortified. 

I don't leave home without them. Neither should you;).

And, finally, for the kiddos, some Disney Villain coloring pages. Why not? You know they are little monsters underneath it all;).

Tomorrow's blog, Edward Gorey's house - next year's vacation spot?
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